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Scales and Chords in C (2010) (bekijk/bestel)
for saxophone quartet and piano
commissioned by the Amstel Quartet
dedicated to the Amstel Quartet
published by Donemus
duration: ca 7'
MWL 170

Archipel VII Double for Reed Quintet (2011) (bekijk/bestel)
for reed quintet
commissioned by the Reed ensemble Calefax
arranged by Raaf Hekkema
published by Donemus
duration: 12'
MWL 127c

De Zonne Rijst (2012) (bekijk/bestel)
for saxophone quartet
arranged by Gert Verrijdt
published by Donemus
duration: 13'
MWL 3b

Quasi una fantasia (2014)
for harp and clarinet
commissioned by the Archipelduo
dedicated to the Archipelduo
not published
duration: 8'
MWL 134c

Nachtmuziek voor Jacques Maassen (1947-2013) (2014) (bekijk/bestel)
for piano and violoncello
in memoriam to my friend Jacques Maassen
published by Donemus
duration: 7'
MWL 189

Zeer dichte mist boven het Y (2014)
(later op de dag opklaringen vanuit het Muziekgebouw)
for a large group of saxophonists
commissioned by SAX 14
dedicated to Arno Bornkamp
not published
duration: ca. 15'
MWL 190

Trois petites symphonies (2014)
for accordion
arranged by Vincent van Amsterdam
not published
duration: 10'
MWL 7c

Perfla! (2001) (bekijk/bestel)
for panpipe and organ
commissioned by Matthijs Koene
dedicated to Matthijs Koene and Jos van der Kooy
published by Donemus
duration: 9'
MWL 124

Gestures (2011) (bekijk/bestel)
for 8 violoncellos
dedicated to the Amsterdam Cello8tet
arranged by Bart Visman
published by Donemus
duration: 10'
MWL 45c

Tombeau pour Ton de Leeuw (1998)
arrangement for pianotrio
dedicated to Van Baerletrio
duration 7’
MWL 115c

Tombeau pour Ton de Leeuw (1998) (bekijk/bestel)
arrangement for accordion by Vincent van Amsterdam
published by Donemus
duration 7’
cd 38
MWL 115d

Grote Archipel (2017/8) (bekijk/bestel)
for piano
dedicated to Ralph van Raat, Geoffrey Madge, Kelvin Grout, Hannes Minnaar, Jelena Bazova, Daniël Kramer
published by Donemus
duration 45’
MWL 201