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Aarde en Licht (2015)
for voice and organ
commissioned by Stichting Cultuur in de Zomer
dedicated to Pien Storm van Leeuwen
not published
duration: 5'
MWL 193

Car ta voix est douce (2015) (bekijk/bestel)
for choir and organ
commissioned by Domcantorij, Utrecht
dedicated to Ina Manneke
published by Donemus
duration: 13'
text: Bible
MWL 195

Doulce Memoire / Double (2015) (bekijk/bestel)
for mixed choir
commissioned by Chamber choir Doulce Memoire
dedicated to Chamber choir Doulce Memoire and Felix van den Hombergh
published by Donemus
duration: 6'
text: Pierre Sandrin
MWL 196

Aube (2015) (bekijk/bestel)
for mixed choir and organ
commissioned by NTR ZaterdagMatinee
on request of Kees Vlaardingerbroek
dedicated to Luk Zagt
published by Donemus
duration: 20'
text: Arthur Rimbaud

Bonum est confiteri Domino (2016) (bekijk/bestel)
for female voice[s] and organ
commissioned by the Protestantse Larentiuskerk, Ginneken
dedicated to Protestantse Laurentiuskerk, Ginneken
published by Donemus
duration 7’
text: Bible
MWL 199

Madrigal Sveicinata, Marija! (2017)
men’s choir
commissioned by The Gents,
dedicated to The Gents
duration ca 6’
MWL 200

Psaume XIX, Les cieux racontent la gloire de Dieu (2017) (bekijk/bestel)
for mixed choir a cappella
commissioned by Amsemble
dedicated to Benjamin Bakker
published by Donemus
duration 7’
cd 38
text: Bible
MWL 202

L’Allegrezza (2018)
for upper voices and accordion[ organ, piano]
commissioned by Netherlands Vocal Talent Foundation
dedicated to Wilma ten Wolde
published by
Netherlands Vocal Talent Foundation
duration 6’
text W. Shakespeare, Bible, Daan Manneke
MWL 204