Daan Manneke

Kapelmeester van de ruimte

ruimten van ruimten
ruimten van ruime tijden
laat ons ver en langzaam zijn

J.C. van Schagen, 1891-1985


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The Seven Last Words (2011)

for choir and harmonium
commissioned by NSKK
dedicated to Capella Frisiae, Gijs Leenaars en Jan Heijmink Liesert
published by Annie Bank Edition
duration: 20'
cd 34
text: Bible
MWL 178

Epitaaf/Ricercare-double (2011)

for soprano, tenor, 4 recorders, organ and lute
commissioned by Brisk and Cappella Trajectine
not published
duration: ca 6'
cd 3
text: Joost van den Vondel
MWL 162b

Der letzte Sommer hat kein Ende voor koor ac en ad lib harmonium (2012)

for choir a capella and harmonium ad lib.
dedicated to Jan Verhoef and Mieke van Lingen
published by Annie Bank Edition
duration: ca. 9'
text: Jan Verhoef (translation: Simone Gerich)
MWL 181

Kleine Archipel (2012)

for equal voices
dedicated to Ruach and conductor Elisabeth van Duijn
published by Donemus
duration: ca 9'
cd 36
text: Johann Gottlieb von Herder
MWL 182

Messa di voce (2012)

for voice and organ
dedicated to Kathedrale Koorschool Utrecht
published by Donemus
duration: 10'
text : Latin text
MWL 85c

Canti Ornati (2013)

for large choir and organ
commissioned by the NTR-zaterdagmatinee
dedicated to Kees Vlaardingerbroek
published by Donemus
duration: ca. 15'
text: Bible
MWL 184

Kleine Ballade voor Geertruidenberg 800 jaar stad (2013)

for choir unisono and a keyboard instrument
dedicated to City of Geertruidenberg
not published
duration: 2'
text: Children of Primary School 'Het Schrijverke'
MWL 185

Madrigalen voor koor en tien blazers (2014)

for mixed choir and double wind quintet
commissioned by Brabants Kamerkoor conducted by Fokko Oldenhuis, 75th Jubileum
published by Donemus
duration: ca 14'
text: Friedrich Hölderlin, Rainer Maria Rilke and Georg Trakl
MWL 186

Kaddiesj voor Leo Vroman [1915-2014] (2014)

for voice and accordion
not published
duration: 3'
text: Leo Vroman
MWL 187

Tombeau à 5 / Egidius, waar best bleven (2014)

Arr. Rens Tienstra
for mixed choir
published by Donemus
duration: 4'
cd 14, 21, 34, 36
text: Grützkes handschrift
MWL 108b

Ritornel 2014 voor koor en orkest (2014)

for choir and orchestra
commissioned by Stichting Koninklijk Apeldoorn on the occasion of '200 years Kingdom of the Netherlands'
dedicated to Princess Beatrix
not published
duration: 5'
text: Jan Pieterse and Frank van Pamelen
MWL 188

Abendmusik / Bleibe bei uns Herr; den es will Abend werden (2014)

for choir, organ and violoncello
commissioned by Ars Musica
dedicated to Patrick van der Linden
not published
duration: ca 8'
text: Georg Christian Dieffenbach
MWL 191
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